ESG Investing

Environmental, Social & Governance ("ESG") Investing refers to investing which prioritises optimal ESG factors or outcomes. The considerations are grouped into three categories. A few examples of factors affecting each of these 3 categories:

Wake Up Call: ESG Becoming Mainstream & New Normal

The pandemic has unveiled the power of unanticipated events. During the unprecedented years, corporations and investors are realising the need to drive the call for sustainability, the need for a different approach to investing and engaging positive change.

  • Climate Action 100+ urging companies to set net zero emissions targets and plans, and hold them accountable.

  • Greater scrutiny over Malaysian products e.g. palm oil and rubber gloves over labour and sustainability concerns.

  • Malaysia has introduced sustainability policy and incentive schemes, for example: large scale solar, green technology and socially responsible investment fund.

The Rising of ESG Concerns and Impacts

Benefits of ESG Investing

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