Hong Leong Asset Management declares Income Distributions of RM248 million for 15 Funds

Dated 12-08-2020

Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd (“HLAM”) has declared income distributions amounting to RM247.76 million for 15 Funds, for the period of 1 January to 30 June, 2020.

“We are pleased to announce the distribution pay-out of over RM247 million to our investors. Notwithstanding the current low interest rate environment, our fund managers have continued to provide a consistent and sustainable distribution yield to our unit holders. This is the result of our commitment and disciplined approach in our investment philosophy.” said HLAM’s Chief Executive Officer, Hoo See Kheng.   
“We still see opportunities in the regional equity markets and dividend yield appears to be at attractive levels currently. For investors who are looking for higher yielding investments, HLAM’s suite of funds provide potential income opportunities across a wide range of regional asset classes. Despite the current market concerns, our fund managers are focused on delivering capital growth and income to our unit holders,” he added.
Below is a snapshot of the distribution yields for the 12-month period from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 for Hong Leong Asset Management’s equity funds table:
Distribution Yield as at 30 June 2020
EPF-Approved Fund
Hong Leong Value Fund*
Hong Leong Growth Fund
Hong Leong Dana Makmur (Shariah-compliant Fund)  
Hong Leong Balanced Fund
Hong Leong  Hong Kong Equity Optimizer Fund
Hong Leong Consumer Products Sector Fund
Hong Leong Dana Maa’rof (Shariah-compliant Fund)
Hong Leong Dividend Fund
*formerly known as Hong Leong Penny Stock Fund
Source: Lipper, 30/6/2019-30/6/2020
Before investing, investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the following:
  • Hong Leong Master Prospectus dated 23 August 2019, its First and Second Supplementary Master Prospectus dated 18 November 2019 and 27 March 2020 respectively and the Product Highlight Sheet.
The Funds are distributed through HLAM’s offices and Hong Leong Bank Berhad’s branches nationwide.

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