Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd Declares Income Distributions of RM428 million for 20 Funds

Dated 15-02-2022


Kuala Lumpur, 15 February 2022 - Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd (“Hong Leong AM”) has declared income distributions amounting to RM428 million for 20 Funds, for the period commencing 1 January 2021 up to 31 December 2021.
“We are pleased to announce the distribution payout of over RM428 million for 20 Funds to our unit holders. Our investment philosophy has continued to serve us well and enabled our fund managers to deliver another year of sustainable distribution yield to our unit holders. The team remains focused and ready to help our customers navigate through market volatility safely,” said Hong Leong AM’s Chief Executive Officer, Hoo See Kheng.   
Below is a snapshot of the distribution yields for the 12-month period ending 31 December 2021 for some of Hong Leong AM’s equity, balanced and mixed asset funds:
Fund Name
Distribution Yield
1 Year
Retail Fund
HL Value Fund
HL Asia-Pacific Dividend Fund
HL Growth Fund
HL Hong Kong Equity Optimizer Fund
HL Dividend Fund
HL Consumer Products Sector Fund
HL Balanced Fund
HL Dana Makmur
HL Dana Maa'rof
Wholesale Fund
Hong Leong Global Multi Strategies Fund**
*Source: Lipper, as at 31 December 2021
**For sophisticated investors only
The funds are distributed through Hong Leong AM offices, Hong Leong Bank Berhad’s branches nationwide and digitally via HL iSmart Invest.
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About Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd:
Hong Leong AM is an asset management company within the Hong Leong Financial Group of companies. Hong Leong AM establishes and distributes unit trust funds, wholesale funds and customised portfolio solutions to the retail and institutional segments. Hong Leong AM’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Hong Leong Islamic Asset Management Sdn Bhd (HLISAM) was appointed as an external fund manager in April 2020, to offer Islamic-based fund management services.
Visit http://www.hlam.com.my for more information on the Funds.
Media contact:
Jasemaine Gan
Marketing & Customer Experience – Hong Leong Asset Management Berhad
DID: +603 2081 8607
This press release has not been reviewed by the Securities Commission Malaysia.
Before investing, investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the following:
  • Hong Leong Master Prospectus dated 23 August 2019, its First, Second and Third Supplementary Master Prospectus dated 18 November 2019, 27 March 2020 and 31 December 2020 respectively (collectively known as the “HLAM Prospectus”) and the Product Highlight Sheet (“PHS”).
  • Hong Leong Global Multi Strategies Fund’s Information Memorandum dated 20 March 2020 and its First Supplementary Information Memorandum dated 31 December 2020 (collectively known as the “HLGMSF IM”) and the PHS.A copy of the HLAM Prospectus, HLGMSF IM and PHS can be obtained from any of Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd’s offices, agents or authorised distributors and investors have the right to request for it. Investors should also consider the fees and charges involved before investing. Prices of units and distributions payable, if any, may go down or up and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Investors should be aware of the risks associated with each fund before investing. The Funds may not be suitable for all and if in doubt, investors should seek independent professional advice.

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