Hong Leong Asset Management Launches Online Investment Platform ‘HL iSmart Invest’

Dated 13-01-2021

Kuala Lumpur, 13 January 2021 - Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd (“Hong Leong AM”) announced the launch of HL iSmart Invest’, an online investment platform which enables investors to have seamless access to unit trust product information and the ability to invest anytime, anywhere without the need to be present or to meet a unit trust adviser physically.

The introduction of HL iSmart Invest as an online investment platform complements the digital shift experienced this year and meets the spur in retail investor demand for investments given the current low interest rate environment. HL iSmart Invest allows investors to perform online transactions such as subscriptions, redemptions and switch between Hong Leong AM’s unit trust funds with ease and convenience.
Hoo See Kheng, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Leong AM shared that the new normal called for new digital strategies and approaches even for the investment industry, and this  led to the development of HL iSmart Invest.
“At Hong Leong AM, we recognised that it was important to focus on enhancing customer experience through digitalisation to make it easier and more convenient for investors to invest in unit trust funds in this new normal and beyond. The pandemic has resulted in rapid digital migration amongst consumers, businesses and investors to fulfil their needs and adapt not only to a new way of working, doing business or shopping, but also a new way of investing. We believe that the introduction of the new HL iSmart Invest is very timely and will cater to an increasingly tech-savvy consumer generation which embodies a digital-and-mobile-first mindset and lifestyle.”
Unit trust investment schemes offer diversified investment strategies aiming to deliver risk-adjusted returns that commensurate with your risk appetite and earn better returns than bank deposits. The HL iSmart Invest online platform offers investors a wide selection of unit trust funds ranging from conventional funds to Islamic funds.
Below is a snapshot of the trailing 12-months’ (30 November 2019 – 30 November 2020) distribution yields for Hong Leong AM’s equity funds available on HL iSmart Invest:
Fund Name
% Distribution Yield
30 Nov 2019 To
30 Nov 2020
1 Year
HL Value Fund (formerly known as Penny Stock Fund)
HL Asia-Pacific Dividend Fund
HL Growth Fund
HL Hong Kong Equity Optimizer Fund
HL Dividend Fund
HL Consumer Products Sector Fund
HL Balanced Fund
HL Dana Makmur
HL Dana Maa'rof
Source: Lipper, 30 Nov 2019-30 Nov 2020
The funds are also distributed through Hong Leong AM offices and Hong Leong Bank Berhad’s branches nationwide.
For more information, please visit www.hlam.com.my/hlismartinvest
Before investing, investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the following:
  • Hong Leong Master Prospectus dated 23 August 2019, its First and Second Supplementary Master Prospectus dated 18 November 2019 and 27 March 2020 respectively and the Product Highlight Sheet.

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