Terms And Conditions For HLAM CNY Facebook Contest

Dated 22-01-2022


1. The “HLAM CNY Facebook Contest” (“Contest”) is organised by Hong Leong Asset Management Bhd (199401033034 (318717-M)) (“HLAM”) and shall be subject to the terms and conditions stated herein (“T&Cs”). 
2. Please read the T&Cs as well as any other applicable terms carefully before participating in this Contest. By participating in this Contest, the Eligible Participants (as defined below) hereby expressly agree to be bound by the T&Cs herein. 
3. This Contest commences on 22 January 2022 and ends on 15 February 2022 at 11.59pm, both dates inclusive (“Contest Period”). 
4. Entries that are received after Contest Period will not be eligible.
5. The Contest is open to individual persons residing in Malaysia only.
6. The Contest will run on HLAM’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/HongLeongAssetManagement). 
7. Contest participants do not need to invest in HLAM unit trust fund(s) during the Contest Period.
8. Employees of HLAM and Hong Leong Islamic Asset Management Sdn Bhd are NOT eligible to participate in this Contest. 
(The above are collectively known as “Eligible Participants”).
9. Eligible Participants must fulfill the following steps to participate in the Contest: 
Step 1: Find any two (2) words in the Word Puzzle 
Step 2: In 50 words or less, create a creative sentence in the comment section of the Contest’s Facebook post using the two words you’ve found.
Step 3: Tag 5 Friends in the same comment
10. Five (5) most creative Eligible Participants’ entries shall be selected by HLAM (“Recipients”). HLAM’s decision is final and conclusive. No further appeal, enquiry and/or correspondence shall be entertained.
11. Each Recipient shall receive one (1) RM80 GrabFood Voucher (“Reward”).
12. Eligible Participants may submit/post more than one (1) entry but only one (1) Reward shall be given to each of the Recipients.
13. HLAM’s decision is final and conclusive. The Recipients as determined by HLAM in it’s sole discretion and the judges' decision is final, conclusive and binding. No further appeal, enquiry and/or correspondence shall be entertained. Upon submission of entries, Eligible Participants consent to share his/her personal info and grant HLAM perpetual exclusive rights of the copyright to use the entries or material submitted for library, promotional, or commercial use globally.
14. Recipients’ name will be published on HLAM Facebook page on 25 February 2022.
15. Following the publishing of Recipients names on HLAM Facebook page, Recipients will be required to send their full name, mobile number and email address to HLAM via Facebook messenger within five (5) days from the date the Recipients’ names are published.
Note: HLAM reserves the right to include or exclude any participant for this Contest. Fulfilment of the criteria set out above is an indication only, and not a guarantee of eligibility. Final eligibility shall be determined entirely at HLAM's discretion. Entries that are lewd, obscene, sexually explicit, pornographic, disparaging, defamatory, libelous, illegal, offensive, of plagiarized sources, or otherwise contain inappropriate content or objectionable material, should not be submitted and HLAM reserves the right to remove or demand the Eligible Participant(s) to remove such entries at any time.
16. A total of five (5) most creative entries shall be selected by HLAM to receive one (1) RM80 GrabFood voucher (“Reward”) each. 
17. The Reward is subject to Terms and Conditions imposed by Grab:
Valid on GrabFood only. GrabMart not included.
Valid for use in Malaysia only. Promo code cannot be applied on the Small Order Fee and Platform Fee.
Promo code cannot be stacked, clubbed or combined for use in a single transaction.
Promo code cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts and promotions.
Promo code must be redeemed within the stipulated period. No extension of validity allowed.
Promo code is non-transferable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash/credit-in-kind.
Any voucher or value unconsumed within the stipulated period shall be forfeited.
Grab reserves the right to vary and amend its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
18. Reward images shown in any marketing and advertisement materials during this Contest Period are for illustration purposes only. 
19. HLAM reserves the right to substitute the Reward with any other reward/gift as it deems necessary from time to time without prior notice and no further enquiry will be entertained.
20. To the extent permitted by law, HLAM expressly excludes and disclaims any representation, warranties, or endorsements, express or implied, written or oral, including but not limited to, any warranty of quality, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose in respect of the Reward.
21. HLAM will announce the Recipients via any mode/form and on any platform that HLAM deems appropriate in its absolute discretion.
22. The Reward will be forwarded to the Recipients via the email address that Recipients provided through Facebook Messsenger. The Recipients are responsible for ensuring that they provide an accurate email address and that they check their email to obtain the Reward. Recipients are also responsible for the general security of their email accounts. HLAM will not be liable for claims or losses arising as a result of any third party’s access to the Recipient’s email whether such access is gained wrongfully or with permission.
23. In the event the Reward remains unused or unredeemed after the applicable validity period has expired, the Reward shall lapse and it will not be replaced.
24. Acceptance of the Reward constitutes consent or permission to HLAM to use the Recipients' pictures and/or name and/or other particulars and/or likeness for the purposes of advertising and promotion of HLAM, or otherwise, without further compensation and notification to the Recipients and/or without further authorisation being required from the Recipients.
25. In the event HLAM is unable to contact the Recipients for reasons including, but not limited to, no reply via Facebook Messenger, email not in use, no connection, etc. HLAM may at its discretion make a second and third attempt to contact the Recipients within the same week of the first attempt. If the second and third attempts are also unsuccessful, HLAM shall be entitled, at its sole discretion to disqualify such Recipient in which case the Reward or any other Rewards and/or entitlements to such Recipient shall be forfeited. Upon such disqualification/forfeiture, HLAM may proceed to select a new Recipient subject to the same procedure and qualifications used in the Campaign.
26. HLAM shall not be responsible or liable for any loss in connection with the Contest, including, but not limited to any problem, loss or damage of whatsoever nature suffered by any party due to any delay and/or failure in receiving and sending the entry as a result of any network, communication or system error, interruption and/or failure experience by the participating internet line and/or resulting from participation or the downloading of any materials in the Contest. In the event of such errors, interruption and/ or failure, HLAM will not be responsible or liable for any failure by any Eligible Participants to participate in the Contest at any time.
27. By participating in the Contest, the Eligible Participants: 
a) Agree and give consent to his/her personal data or information being collected, processed and used by  HLAM for the purpose of this Contest in accordance with HLAM’s Privacy Notice, which may be viewed at https://www.hlam.com.my/Privacy-Policy/Notice-on-Personal-Data-website-copy-Final;
b) Agree to be bound by all the T&Cs herein contained;
c) Agree with HLAM’s decision on all matters relating to the Contest which shall be final, conclusive and binding on all Eligible Participants and understands that no further correspondence and/or appeal to dispute HLAM’s decision shall be entertained; and  
d) Agree to access HLAM’s Website at www.hlam.com.my from time to time to view the T&Cs of the Contest and any updates and ensures to keep up-to-date on any change or variation to the T&Cs. 
28. HLAM reserves the right: 
a) To disqualify any Eligible Participants for any reason whatsoever as HLAM may in its absolute discretion deem unfit to participate in the Contest and/or be unentitled to the Reward; 
b) To add, delete and/or vary the terms and conditions of the Contest, at any time, and without notice, including but not limited to, as follows:- (a) varying the eligibility requirements for the Contest; or (b) withdrawing or substituting the Reward; or (c) amending the Contest Period; 
c) To discontinue, suspend or terminate this Contest at any time at its sole discretion with notification (as soon as reasonably practicable) to the Eligible Participants in any manner deemed practical at its discretion. Eligible Participants shall not be entitled to claim any compensation from or against HLAM for any loss or damage suffered as a result of any such discontinuation suspension or termination; and 
d) To disqualify any person from the Contest if they do not comply with any of the terms contained herein.
29. If HLAM makes changes to these terms and conditions (i.e., adds, deletes and/or varies the terms and conditions of the Contest), HLAM will, on a best efforts basis, provide the Eligible Participants with notice. If it is not reasonably possible to provide the Eligible Participants with notice for any such changes (for example if regulatory requirements require HLAM to make changes immediately), HLAM will notify the Eligible Participants as soon as reasonably possible thereafter. Changes may be communicated by email, by way of a notice displayed on HLAM’s website or in any other manner deemed practical and changes will be immediately binding on the Eligible Participants upon despatch of the email, display of such notice on HLAM’s website or delivery (in any other manner deemed practical), as applicable.  
30. To the full extent permitted by law, HLAM’s liability in relation to the Contest or the Reward hereunder and/or any loss or damage arising therefrom is limited to supplying the equivalent amount/value of the Reward rightfully earned, at HLAM’s option. If HLAM is liable for a breach of these terms and conditions, then, to the extent not prohibited by law, our liability will exclude any indirect or consequential loss that the Eligible Participants may suffer. 
31. For more information about the Contest, you may contact our Marketing & Customer Experience Department via email at HLAMMarketingComm@hlam.hongleong.com.my.

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