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What We Do

Services Offered/Products Description
Provide fund management services for Collective Investment Schemes Provision of fund management services based on Shariah principles.
Wholesale Funds Establishment and management of wholesale funds for provision of investment solutions exclusively to Sophisticated and Corporate Investors.
Private Mandates Provision of discretionary and non-discretionary fund management services for retail and institutional investors.




Our Shareholders’ Funds

  As at 30 June 
Paid-up share capital 3,500,000
Shareholders’ funds 3,181,498


Risk Management

The risk management function is outsourced to Hong Leong Investment Bank Berhad's ("HLIB") Risk Management Department. HLIB, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Leong Capital Berhad, provides investment banking and capital market services and solutions across the region.

The role and duties of the outsourced Risk Management function is one of independent nature as part of the HLISAM’s Senior Management’s strategy in implementing risk management policies as approved by the Board.

The scope of the approved independent risk management function outsourced to Group Risk is confined to Operational Risk Management; governed in accordance to the Group's Operational Risk Management Framework.


Internal Audit

HLISAM's internal audit function is outsourced to Hong Leong Investment Bank Berhad's ("HLIB"), Internal Audit Department ("IAD"). HLIB is a subsidiary of Hong Leong Capital Berhad, which is the holding company of HLAM. The IAD provides HLISAM's Board of Directors the assurance it requires regarding the adequacy and integrity of the system of internal controls.

The IAD undertakes periodic and systematic reviews of internal control systems and the review of compliance with the business objectives, policies, reporting standards and control procedures of HLISAM.



The compliance function is outsourced to Hong Leong Asset Management Berhad’s (“HLAM”) Compliance Department. HLAM is a subsidiary of Hong Leong Capital Berhad that offers a broad spectrum of investment solutions through equities, fixed income, money market and multi-assets. The roles and responsibilities of the outsourced compliance function is to ensure that the company complies with regulatory requirements as well as internal policies and procedures.

The scope of services outsourced includes reviews to ensure the company complies with all the regulatory requirements and that of the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and proceeds of Unlawful Activities.